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If you need care would you rather pay with your principal or interest from your principal?

Long Term Care is a subject that is top of mind for many people in America today.  While it may be something you are considering for yourselves, another reason to consider it could be right in front of you and very simple:  your family.  Past history has shown us that parents that do not plan adequately for their long term care needs can ultimately end up sacrificing their income, assets and financial promises that they have made—perhaps irrevocably in order to pay for their care.  One thing that perhaps isn’t taken into account by parents is the potential physical, emotional and financial damage that is done to family members if they have to become personally involved in delivering your long term care plan.  

Long Term Care Allows Loved Ones to Quarterback Your Care Instead of Provide it! 

Why your family needs You to consider Long Term Care and the Planning that goes with it.

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